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Coir Logs

A coir log is a thick, strong, and densely packed tubular structure that is designed to provide you with structural support along shores, banks, slopes, and more. Coir logs are made from coconut fibers uniformly machine compressed of 100 percent blended coir fibers and are made in the USA.

Exterior netting structure can be woven coir or poly netting. Coir logs are excellent to use a toe protection in areas of low velocity water flow. After installation, the coir logs become saturated with water and vegetation can be planted directly on the logs. Coir logs are eco friendly; they provide a natural appearance and decompose over a three to five year period by which time the plants establish their root into the bank helping to stabilize erosion.

Lavicka Works , Inc. is very effective in all your erosion control needs for any project. Our employees have the knowhow and state of the art equipment to get your job completed.