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Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion Control Blankets are used on slopes and disturbed soils where mulch must be anchored and other methods such as crimping or tackifying are neither feasible nor adequate. Steep slopes generally steeper than 3:1 and slopes where erosion hazard is high.  Their use is especially appropriate for critical slopes adjacent to sensitive areas such as streams and wetlands and disturbed soil areas, where planting is likely to be slow in providing adequate protective cover. 

Erosion control blankets are generally a machine produced mat of organic, biodegradable mulch such as straw, curled fiber, coconut fiber or a combination there of, evenly distributed on or between photodegradable polypropylene or biodegradable natural fiber netting.  Synthetic erosion control blankets are a machine produced mat of ultraviolet stabilized synthetic fibers and filaments.  The netting and mulch material are pinned to ensure integrity and the blankets are provided in rolls for ease of handling and installation: We use a variety of erosion control blanket such as, single net and double net, permanent double net which are used for high water flow channels.

Lavicka Works, Inc. has installed several erosion control blankets in :

  • District 53 bus garage in Bourbonnais, IL.
  • Roadside Seeding in Steger, IL.
  • Roadside Seeding in Ridgeland, IL. 
  • Highway Department in Cook County, IL.
  • Hanover Estates in Manhattan, IL.
  • Watseka Drainage Ditch Project in Watseka, IL.

Install an erosion control blanket from Lavicka Works, Inc. as part of your next construction site to stabilize and complete your project on time and on budget.