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Grading and Dirt Work

Lavicka Works, Inc. can handle all your dirt work needs from backfilling and grading to minor excavation work. This is a very important process that involves clearing the area of existing weeds and or grass, leveling the ground, clearing the ground debris, and making sure the curbs are cut down at least ½ inch.

Here at Lavicka Works, Inc. we can also take care of all final grades. Whether it is using a pulveriser on the area, leveling up and filling in any ruts or washouts.

This process helps in have the dirt prepared for either hydroseeding, seed, or sod; depending on what the plans or job specify. Whether it's moving dirt, building burms, final grading, dirt placement and sod grading let Lavicka Works, Inc. handle all your dirt work.

Lavicka Works, Inc. is available for all your grading and dirt work needs.