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Most commercial and residential irrigation systems are "in ground" systems, which means that everything is buried in the ground. With the pipes, sprinklers, emitters also known as (drippers), and irrigation valves being hidden it makes for a cleaner, more presentable landscapes without garden hoses.

Most irrigation systems are divided into zones. A zone is a single irrigation valve and one or a group of drippers or sprinklers that are connected by pipes or tubes. Irrigation systems are divided into zones because there is usually not enough pressure and available flow to run sprinklers for an entire lawn or sports field at once. Each zone has a solenoid valve on it that is controlled via wire by an irrigation controller. The irrigation controller is a electrical device that signals a zone to turn on at a specified amount of time. Another controller is known as the "smart controller" this controller is capable of adjusting the watering time by itself in response to current environmental conditions. The smart controller determines current conditions by means of historic weather data for the local area, a soil moisture sensors (water potential or water content) rain sensors, or in more sophisticated systems satellite feed weather stations or a combination of both.

When a zone comes on the water flows through the lateral lines and ultimately ends up at the irrigation emitter (drip) or a sprinkler heads. Many sprinklers have pipe thread inlets on the bottom of them which allows a fitting and the pipe to be attached to them. Lavicka Works, Inc. uses Hunter Brand Sprinkler Heads. We install the sprinkler with the top of the head flush with the ground surface. When the water is pressurized, the head will pop up out of the ground and water the desired area until the valve closes and shuts off that zone. Once the water pressure is gone in the lateral line the sprinkler head will retract back into the ground. Emitters or drippers are generally laid on the soil surface or buried a few inches to reduce evaporation loss.

At Lavicka Works, Inc. all of our employees are trained and are state-licensed irrigation contractors. We have installed numerous irrigation systems in locations such as, commercial buildings, sports fields, and residential homes. Contact Lavicka Works, Inc. for all your irrigation projects.