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Landscape Design and Plantings

Lavicka Works, Inc. has designed and installed many landscapes beds and burms that have enhanced the look of many businesses, restaurants, shopping centers, homes, and etc.  It's amazing what plants, trees, and grasses can do to change the look of any location.  Our design team meets and inspects the work site. They will also take pictures and measurements of the area so they can design the very best look for any office or home. Our design team will create a landscaping design with the right plants height and width, form, texture, seasonal interest, and color.

With the right plant height and width are calculated by the mature size a plant will reach in both upward and outward directions. This will help with growth and maturity as to not cause problems in the future.  Next concept that needs to be addressed is form.  Having the proper form is the shape of the plant and how it will occupy the accent space.  Form and shape are considered as columnar, round, vase, weeping, oval, and creeping.  Third is having the right texture for the fineness or roughness of the plant.  As a rule, plants with finer textures should be used in greater number than plants with coarse textures. Fourth concept and one of the most important is seasonal interest and color.  These are known as special features a plant has at different times of the year.  For example, foliage, fruit, flowers, winter color, and changing colors.  Good color combinations and coordination can have a dramatic impact in garden design.  In choosing plants that compliment or contrast with each other is essential.  As certain plants bloom at certain times of the season (spring, summer, fall) colors change and as in planning a design with this method the landscape will always have color in the beds.  Another important factor is knowing the zones that plants can sustain in.  Knowing the zones is also very important in plant selection but often times there are different zones or microclimates within zones.  After all these factors have been considered in your landscape design; upon the meeting our staff will show you a computerized bird's eye view drawing of what your landscaping will look like.  It is then at this time that our highly skilled employees will put the landscape design to life. 

Contact Lavicka Works, Inc. for all your designing needs.  Our highly trained staff can take on any project.