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Lavicka Works, Inc. has laid millions of rolls of sod. Sod for lawns is grown on specialist farms. We receive our sod locally. Many factors play a part in this but one large part is to avoid long transport and drying out and heat build up of the product. One reason many people chose sod is to establish a lawn quickly and to avoid soil erosion. The sod farms that produce this grass may have varieties of grass grown. In our area our sod farmers supply blue grass and also salt tolerate sod. The sod can be harvested 10-18 months after planting, depending on the growing climate. On the farm the grass undergoes fertilization, frequent watering, frequent mowing and subsequent vacuuming to remove clippings. When the sod is harvested it uses specialized equipment to cut standardized sizes.

Sod is typically harvested in rolled rectangles, or large 4 foot wide rolls that require a machine to lay the rolls. This depends in what specific jobs specify.

Lavicka Works, Inc. is the company to contact with your sodding needs. Our workers are particular in how the sod is laid. Even before they lay the sod we finish grade the dirt or soil to give the sod a proper start to a beautiful lawn.