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Tree Protection

Lavicka Works, Inc. has done work in the area of protecting trees for and around job sites. Tree protection is working around existing tress or under canopies that can be harmful to the trees.

Trees have an extensive root system that is required to maintain the health of the trees. The majority of roots are located within the top 12 inches of soil and extend past the drip line of the tree. The drip line can be determined by dropping an imaginary line from the outermost leaves to the ground. This area makes a circle around the tree and is considered the protected root zone. Work done in this area should be done with extreme care.

There are many ways of protecting a tree or a variety of trees depending on the job site. One way is to put a temporary fence around the area of the tree, making sure that the drip line is surrounded by the temporary fence.

Consider Lavicka Works, Inc. when your project is in need of tress being protected from vehicles, equipment, materials, and debris on your job site.