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Landscaping FAQ

This section of our web site will answer questions that we commonly hear from our clients. We welcome any and all inquiries from our visitors but you might find an instant answer to your question listed here.

I am aware that a landscape is the overall appearance of a lawn or garden. However, what services are considered to be in the realm of landscaping?

In general, any additions or improvements made to a home's exterior grounds are considered to be landscaping projects. Most people think of landscaping as any changes made to a lawn or garden surrounding a home. Regardless of the size and shape of an outdoor area, every home owner has a landscape to work with. Landscaping is the art of taking this space and transforming it into a complimentary work of art.

Why should I consider landscaping for my yard?

Even if you are not currently selling your home, it is a well known fact that any landscaping activity can immediately boost the overall value of your property. When you do choose to sell your home, a beautiful landscape can add thousands of dollars to the price. Think of your yard as your home. Would you avoid cleaning the kitchen until you were ready to sell your home? A beautiful landscape around can make living there more enjoyable and promote a positive image to your friends and neighbors.

I have questions about my irrigation system?

If you are in need of help with your irrigation system you can go to the tips section of our web site as we have many trouble shooting help tips there. If you need further assistance you can contact Lavicka Works, Inc. and we can send out one of our trained staff members to assist you for a few.

How do I water my newly seeded, hydroseeded, and sodded yard?

Watering is the most important factor in establishing a new lawn. The owner is responsible for watering their yard. Watering large areas can be a time consuming task, therefore it is important to maximize your efforts. The best time to water is in the morning and again in the later part of the afternoon. If you go to our tips section in this web site you will find watering instructions and time charts to help you schedule your watering process for seeding, hydroseeding, sod, and also plants and trees.

How soon can I mow my newly sodded yard?

Sod can be mowed about one and half to two weeks after installation, if sufficiently watered and looking healthy. Before mowing check to see if the sod has become adhered or rooted.  To do this gently pull the sod upwards, if the sod comes up in your hand it is not ready to be mowed; for the roots have not become adhered or rooted yet.  But if the sod is adhered or rooted you can mow. For the best results set your blades at a higher level .  Cutting to short will deter the root system from developing and could kill your sod.  Also do not mow your sod when it is wet as the mower could create ruts in your lawn.

How soon can I mow my newly hydroseed or seeded lawn?

Hydroseeded or seeded lawns may be ready to mow in two to three weeks after germination.  The grass needs to be at least three inches high. Do not cut off more than 1/3 of the grass as this could deter the root system.  Optimal results will occur using sharp mower blades. Also do not mow your yard when it is wet as the mower could create ruts in your lawn.

I have straw blanket placed in my lawn should I remove it?

NO, you never remove erosion control blanket or straw blanket that is placed in your lawn.  The blanket was installed to prevent erosion and retain moisture in order to achieve optimal results.  The blanket is a biodegradable product and will slowly be broken down into the soil after vegetation is established.

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